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We actually did this one on 5th July 2000

Someday, I'll get around to writing about it. 

Our final time was 6h 5m 0s.  It was very wet to begin with, then things dried out, and then it got wet again.


Notice of an attempt to improve the following RRA tandem tricycle record :

London to Portsmouth & back

The attempt will be made by DAVE JOHNSON and RALPH DADSWELL

and will take place on or after 14th June 2000.

Current holders of the record concerned: Dave Pitt & Alun Millard 6 hr 10 m 47 s

Information concerning this attempt is available on 01494 533 745 and 07956 326 150.

Contact : Ralph Dadswell, 26 Bay Tree Close, High Wycombe, HP11 1JN

ROUTE Inter miles Total miles Time
Start on the A3 Kingston bypass, at the junction with Albert Road, which has Grid Reference 220679.     0400
Go north, across the Robin-Hood junction, as far as the intersection with A219, where turn left to Putney. Cross Putney Bridge and turn right onto A308 New Kings Road (signed Westminster). After approx 1 mile, turn left into Gunter Grove, then right onto Fulham Road, becoming Brompton Road, to A4. Turn right on A4, to Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner. 10.0 10.0 0426
Turn, by crossing the centre of the roundabout, and retrace to the junction with A308 at Empire House. Turn left on A308 (still Brompton Road), left into Edith Grove, then right onto Kings Road, then New Kings Road, to Putney Bridge. Cross the bridge, to Putney, where retrace along A219 to junction with A3. Join A3 westbound, along Kingston bypass, to the Hook underpass. 13.2 23.2 0500
Stay on A3 to the intersection with M25, 8.1 31.3 0520
to the Hog’s Back summit (junction A31), 10.5 41.8 0546
to the traffic lights at Hindhead. 10.9 52.7 0614
Continue to the junction with A325 near Liss, 8.4 61.1 0635
to the northern end of the A3(M). 11.5 72.6 0704
Fork left onto the (old) A3 through Waterlooville and Cosham, to
Portsmouth. Follow signs to IOW ferries, as far as the junction near
the main gates to HMS Nelson. Turn right, and proceed to the centre
of the gates, where TURN.
10.2 82.8 0732
Retrace, following Out of City signs to the start of M275. Take A3
and follow through Cosham and Waterlooville to the northern end
of A3(M).
10.3 93.1 0759
Continue to A325 junction near Liss, 11.5 104.6 0829
to the lights in Hindhead, 8.4 113.0 0850
to the summit at the Hog’s Back, 10.9 123.9 0916
and the M25 junction. 10.5 134.4 0942
Stay on A3 to FINISH at the start point. 11.3 145.7 1010