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This location contains details of some RRA record attempt schedules :

So far this year, the following schedules have been submitted:

1.  SRRA Purley to Eastbourne & back (mixed tandem trike with Marina Bloom).

2.  ECRRA London to Cambridge & back (mens tandem trike with Dave Johnson)

3.  RRA London to Portsmouth & back (mixed tandem trike with Marina Bloom)

4.  RRA London to Bath & back + 12 hours (mens tandem trike with Dave Johnson)

5.  RRA London to York + York to Edinburgh + London to Edinburgh + 12 hours + 24 hours (mixed tandem trike with Marina Bloom)

Action so far this year:

1.  Successful ride March 28th.  Beat the 5 hour standard, recording 4hr 45m 20s.

2.  Failed on 25th April.  Just too many little things went wrong.  In the end we were six minutes too slow at 4h 37m 30s.

3.  Successful ride on 27th May.  Beat the 7hr 45m standard to record 6hr 35m 5s.

4.  Failed on 8th August.  A few little niggles, but main problems were too much traffic and probably a bit too windy.  A learning experience.  We climbed off at Calne, after 150 miles.

5.  Successful ride on 21/22 August.  See here for the full report.


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