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This section contains details of some RRA record attempts / schedules 
and also some reports on RTTC records broken:

2002 looked like this :

1.  London to Oxford & back, tandem tricycle with Marina Bloom.  Done on 4th April. Report

2. London to Cambridge & back, tandem tricycle with Dave Johnson.  Done on 21st April. Report

3. London to Bath & back with Marina.   Not done, and won't be done this year.

4.  Cardiff to London with Marina. Done on 23 October  Schedule  Report

5.  Birmingham to London with Dave : Done on 26th Sep. Report : Oh bugger

RTTC Records

1.  100 miles with Marina, 30th June  Report

2.  30 miles with Dave, 28th July  Report

3.  12 hours with Dave, 1st September  Report


Try here for some schedules from 2001

Try here for some schedules from 2000

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