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This section contains details of some RRA record attempts / schedules 
and also some reports on RTTC records broken:

The key plan for 2007 is Land's End to John o'Groats on Tandem Tricycle with Dave Johnson.

The record is the almost legendary performance done in 1954 by Albert Crimes and John Arnold, where they blew all other rides out of sight.  They took 18 hours from the previous record, and set an absolute fastest time (for pedal cyclists, anyway) over the route -  2 days 4 hours 26 minutes.

This record has been attempted several times since, but has remained unbeaten.  Over the years, the route has shrunk from 868 miles to 840 (typically because of bridges and other improvements in Scotland).  Although strictly speaking irrelevant, on the current course a time of 2 days 2 hours 45 minutes would require the same average speed as Crimes/Arnold from 1954. 

First step of the plan is to ride Oxford to Cambridge and back on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.   This 160 mile route doesn't yet have a time for tandem-tricycle, but we understand that Ian Dow took 6h 51m 15s way back in 1982 (on a solo bicycle), and that this is the fastest recorded time over the route.  We've decided to schedule for 6h 45m.  Only time will tell if that was optimistic or not.

Click here to download the schedule.

Update : The ride has taken place.  Click here to download the report.

Not really anything to do with the End to End, but there was a brief item on Radio 4's Today Programme, which featured both Dave and me talking about time trials.   Click here to hear the snippet.

Next step is the 210 mile London to Birmingham and back, scheduled for Sunday 3rd June.

Click here to download the schedule.

Update : This ride has also taken place.  Click here to download the report.

The End to End schedule has now been sent to the RRA for distribution.  Click here for a copy.  Please note that although a First Possible Date is quoted, this doesn't mean that there's any particular intention to start on that date.  We will go when we have the organisation in place and a suitably favourable weather forecast.

Update 1:   We're not ready to go on 10th, and for various reasons, the first date will now be Monday 23rd July.

Update 2:    We will make a start on Friday 3rd August, from Land's End, at 9am.  See schedule for details of how to track progress.

Unfortunately, we abandoned the ride after about 510 miles.  Click here for the full story of the attempt.   

For info, you can click here to download the Game Plan document that I produced, showing how the support teams would link together to get us from one End to the other End, and home again.

Photos are now available for your entertainment.  Click here to enter the Gallery.  
If you have any more, please send them in, and I'll publish them.