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So this is a view of Champions Night, January 2001

  Excited at the prospect of collecting his prize from Eddy Merckx, Dave Johnson stands tall, squints, and asks "Have you taken it yet?"

  Chris Boardman enjoys a joke with friends.


Chris Watts, leader of the Addiscombe CC trio who won the BBAR team award in 1954.

  Mike Hutchinson ponders over the problem of carrying all the silverware.

Will Townsend OBE

  Dave Johnson (third from right) leaves the stage in pursuit of another lager.

  Liz Milne poses with her BBAR trophy.

  And then explains how training makes you "lucky".

  The assembled Champions, with Courtesy Wheelbarrows supplied to multiple winners Jill Reames and Mike Hutchinson.

Later on, back at the hotel, some of the prizewinners were getting a little ragged.....

And when they dropped their trousers - you can only do one thing - laugh.....