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These images were captured on 5th August 2000.

Dcp_0050sml.jpg (41469 bytes) Leigh explains why it's important to drink directly from the bottle.  It saves time.

Dcp_0052sml.jpg (33064 bytes)So, not much room for croquet.

Dcp_0053sml.jpg (32677 bytes)"I'm sure it's a very nice egg-shaped tree, but I'll never hide it under my jacket."

Dcp_0054sml.jpg (32424 bytes)Nicola maintains a safe distance from my mother.

Dcp_0055sml.jpg (25661 bytes)Judy helps ensure that nobody gets to the food until Ann says "GO!"

Dcp_0057sml.jpg (33532 bytes)While Dudley covers the other entrance.

Dcp_0058sml.jpg (34805 bytes)Russell explains the Theory of Relativity, as applied to brewing the perfect pint.

Dcp_0059sml.jpg (31142 bytes)The cake, with a spare, and some nibbles for those who just can't stop.

Dcp_0061sml.jpg (21994 bytes)Ann, the Hostess, relaxes in the knowledge that the emergency lighting works.

Dcp_0062sml.jpg (30841 bytes)Natalie, sporting a very unusual hat, discusses the weather in Thailand.

Dcp_0063sml.jpg (33518 bytes)"This queue seems to be moving rather slowly"

Dcp_0064sml.jpg (31486 bytes)Natalie explains that the rider on the back of the tandem can just sit there with her feet on the handlebars (see separate story).

Dcp_0065sml.jpg (23189 bytes)Jan, meanwhile, decides that she rather fancies a bit of that Cornish Pasty.

Dcp_0066sml.jpg (28776 bytes)Leigh, after discovering that it didn't taste as nice as she'd expected.

Dcp_0067sml.jpg (23677 bytes)Do we really need this umbrella ?

Dcp_0068sml.jpg (31981 bytes)That nice young man at the bar, with one of his most regular customers.

Dcp_0069sml.jpg (31285 bytes)Jollity in the kitchen

Dcp_0072sml.jpg (23776 bytes)Natalie relaxes, momentarily slipping into her "normal" look.

Dcp_0073sml.jpg (32978 bytes)Speech time, with Don thanking Ann for  25 wonderful years.

Dcp_0074sml.jpg (31286 bytes)And finally, if anyone would like some more food, there's loads left over.

Dcp_0075sml.jpg (30457 bytes) With emotions running wild, the crowd rushed forward for autographs.

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