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The date was 27th July 2000.

The place was a deserted bit of road near Maidenhead.

The innocent babe was Natalie, who didn't really know what she was taking on ...

Nat07sml.jpg (41910 bytes)Does my bum look big in this ?

And who's that fiddling on the left ?

I thought it was James, but he's not coming tonight.

Nat06sml.jpg (41465 bytes)Now look at those smooth lines ...


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Nat05sml.jpg (34250 bytes)Time for a little warm-up, and a chance to practice the screaming.

Nat04sml.jpg (38890 bytes)Finally, they're off. 

The sheer power bends the frame and distresses those carbon wheels.

Nat03sml.jpg (24243 bytes)With nine of the ten miles covered, Natalie finds time to scream at the camera.

Nat02sml.jpg (32020 bytes)The victorious pair celebrate....

Nat01sml.jpg (37188 bytes)... and, with job well done, find a moment to relax.

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