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What's New?

01.01.21  Rehosted, to try to make things work more quickly.

31.07.20  Page of material relating to Dick Poole's End to End added

04.07.20  Missing certificates added (mock-ups, because I haven't actually found the originals)
                What's New section added!

01.07.20  Article about RRA in 1940 added in Other Cycling.

27.06.20  Sid Armstrong letter added to London to Worthing & back page.
                JK Letts 1949 End to End item added to E-E background page

22.06.20  Certificates pages added to Record Breaking page

19.06.20  Feature about Crimes & Arnold added

07.06.20  Website launched with Record Attempts pages, some Other Cycling, and Weather charts.


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